​​The Rev. Stephanie Green serves as Vicar of St. Aidan's. She is devoted to deepening the spirituality and communal ties of our intergenerational congregation through participatory worship, inspiring faith formation, and expanding community engagement.  She believes that church is a place -- and a community -- for cultivating joy and meeting the world's needs through the love of Christ.  Stephanie is eager to get to know the many meaning-making communities of Bolinas-Sinson and collaborate in hosting gatherings that explore the intersection of spirituality and the arts, nurture courageous conversations, and build friendships.  She is also eager to greet and frolick with the many friendly dogs of Bolinas!

A People

We are blessed with a community as diverse and unique as our home town. We respect, honor and encourage every voice. We are traditional and alternative all at once.


At St. Aidan's, all of us are ministers. All of us are learners. All of us are friends. 

a liturgy

While our service is recognizably Episcopalian, our approach is our own. We sing. We observe silence. The sermon is a conversation. Children are welcome and feel at home. We support one another. We feed each other with  the holy food and drink of the Eucharist. We worship a God who inspires the best in us, while loving us exactly as we are.

An Invitation

We invite you to join us. Young, old, gay, straight, believer, skeptic, there is no one way to be at St. Aidan's. We are respectful. We are welcoming. We are a people who have been through much and have found new life in a broken world. We are healers of the earth and singers of songs.

A national park

is our neighbor, the Pacific is our horizon, the seasons are our ceremonies. While God lies beyond all understanding, we have God's natural world as a way of seeing God's hand in our lives.

The Rev. Stephanie Green​​

Vicar of St. Aidan's

St. Aidan's Episcopal Church

Where Heaven and Nature Sing

30 Brighton Ave.

Bolinas, CA 94924

(415) 868-5504


St. Aidan's sits on land which was home to the Coast Miwok

a heritage which persists for all who listen 

Stephanie holds an A.B. from Bryn Mawr College (English and French), an M.A. from the University of Iowa (Art History), and an M.Div. from the Church Divinity School of the Pacific in Berkeley.  Ordained in 2000, she has served as a priest in the Diocese of California (Bay Area), the Diocese of El Camino Real (Cupertino), and the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe (Florence, Italy). She has focused on children's, youth and family ministries as well as digital ministry during the pandemic.

Consecutive with her seminary training, Stephanie spent three years engaged in interfaith learning, community organizing, and work in West and East Jerusalem, including serving as sacristan of St. George's Anglican Cathedral, where she lived in the bell tower. 

Stephanie is thrilled to be called to serve as Vicar of St. Aidan's, a welcome invitation to get to know the tides and turns of Bolinas and to encounter the many expressions of spirituality in this earth-loving place that bring so many people peace.

Contact: staidansbolinas@gmail.com

Tel. (415) 868-5504